Thursday, May 24, 2012

Talking Tech and Looking Fashionable: Björk at NYPL

Last week I got a surprising email from New York Public Library inviting me to bring Middle School students to the Schwarzman building for a presentation by Icelandic recording artist Björk. She would be discussing her Biophilia iPad app, which integrates science, technology and music. Okay, I said, and promptly recruited a handful of savvy Middle Schoolers.

The presentation was a delight, mostly because of being in a room with Björk, but the meat of the matter is that the Biophilia program will hit New York Public Library and Children's Museum of Manhattan this summer.

Oddly, neither CMoM nor NYPL has a lot of info about the program on their sites, but it's made the event calendar at the Museum, at least. And Tuesday's event was covered by the Daily News and Gothamist.

The app is pricey, but it's worth checking out, especially if you work with music and science teachers who are eager to use emerging technologies. I got sucked into it, "making" music with my fingers and feeling pretty darn cool. 

Björk announced that she has always wanted to teach music, but got sidetracked by pop for twenty years. Judging from the work she and her team have done on this app, I think she would be pretty good at her dream job...

Bjork at NYPL, Tuesday 5/22

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  1. There is a fabulous podcast on NPR with her talking about the process of creating the app:

    Way to go, Sarah!