Friday, December 15, 2017

Newbery Awards!

By Hannah Mermelstein
St. Ann's School

On Friday, December 1, more than 100 students, an access*
of librarians, and Adam Gidwitz gathered at Brooklyn Heights Montessori School to celebrate the Newbery, mock and otherwise. The students came from five schools with Mock Newbery groups: Brooklyn Friends, Brooklyn Heights Montessori, Packer, Poly Prep, and Saint Ann’s. We heard from Adam Gidwitz about his sleepless night pre-Newbery announcement last year, his watching the clock as he ate pancakes with his one-year-old at 6 am, and the phone call that (eventually) came, informing him that The Inquisitor’s Tale had won a Newbery honor. As is typical with Gidwitz, the students were enthralled and amused, and we probably have a few more aspiring Newbery winners out there now, although Gidwitz was quick to say that a book does not have to win an award to be great!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Net Neutrality: A Resource List

Update: The FCC will vote on the proposal to repeal net neutrality on December 14th. 

By: Celia Dillon
The Brearley School 

With the possible repeal of net neutrality regulations, librarians have been called on to speak out about this issue. As librarians we're experts at making resource lists, so here's a net neutrality resource list, for reactions ranging from "What's net neutrality?" to "Why are librarians involved?" to "What can I do about this?" The repeal is set to be announced on December 12th.