Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Professional Development

Looking for a fun and informative PDG to be part of? Every year, my school gives faculty and staff a list of potential professional developments to partake in; New York City, Equity & Justice, Photography, Research, Writers, Digital Storytelling, are just some of the topics Collegiate has chosen. This year, we were given the option of Global Online Academy (G.O.A.). Global Online Academy professional development courses are designed for independent school educators that want to “choose their own adventure” in their professional growth. It also allows professional learning communities to connect with educators across schools as they explore topics relevant to their roles on campus.

My topic for G.O.A is Libraries of Tomorrow. This PDG brings together library specialist to pursue essential questions on the role of libraries in school communities today and in the future. Through case studies and discussion (some Skyping is involved) on relevant topics and challenges for libraries, librarians will discuss ways their school libraries can best evolve. Through sharing resources and best practices, we are able to develop goals and benchmarks for projects to pursue in our own library.

If interested, take a closer look at Global Online Academy:

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