Monday, January 6, 2014

Blog of the Week from Adele Bildersee - Happy New Year!

HVLA Blog      Adele Bildersee  -- January 6, 2014

The Dalton School Library runs two book clubs – one for all faculty and staff and one for middle school faculty.   In addition to that, the high school librarian hosts book selection and discussions for small groups of eighth graders with the idea of orienting them to the high school and with the added benefit of getting to know them before they enter 9th grade next year. 

These activities have been very successful in building community, which is part of the motivation.  Everyone is reading books, some of which they might never have picked up on their own.  Having the opportunity to discuss books, share ideas, and express opinions has been fun and informative.  Sometimes folks even share interesting personal stories that relate to the books we are reading. 

If what the educational pundits say is true, literature is supposed to expand our intellectual horizons and develop our emotional and moral sensitivity,.  We have certainly found this to be true.  Each of the book groups has about a dozen members who are loyal readers and attendees.  Great fun!

Here are some of the titles that the all faculty group has been reading this year:

All Faculty and Staff – Adult titles

Dear Life – Alice Munro
Dissident Gardens – Jonathan Lethem
Harvard Square – Andre Aciman
Maine – J. Courtney Sullivan
Someone – Alice McDermott
The Lowland - Jhumpa Lahiri

Middle School Teachers – MG and YA books

Verse Novels:
Diamond Willow - Helen Frost,
Realms of Possibilities - David Levithan
Aluetian Sparrow - Karen Hesse.
Midwinter Blood – Marcus Sedgwick
In a Glass Grimly – Adam Gidwitz
Africa Is With a Mighty Hand My Home – Monica Edinger 
       (National Book Award short list and one of our faculty members)
Boxers and Saints – Gene Luen Yang (graphic novel)
With a Mighty Hand – Amy Ehrlich

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