Sunday, October 28, 2012

Solo Act Wrap-Up: 30 Second Insights

The Solo Act:  Wrapping Up with “30-Second Insights” from leaders in School Librarianship...

Dear HVLA Members,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series on solo librarianship in school libraries. It was very interesting for me to research the literature and blogging out there on the subject and I certainly hope my sharing it with you left you with some worthwhile information and food for thought.

Just last week I had the opportunity to travel to LA to receive training for librarians in IB (International Baccalaureate) schools since my school is an IB candidate. The expressed importance of networking and professional development experiences throughout the literature I shared with you reverberated through my thoughts...This training experience was the first face time I’ve had with librarians in several months, and it was truly refreshing. For several days we shared resources, best practices and our experiences. Not only did it afford me the chance to establish some professional connections I will nurture and have for some time to come, but it granted me a feeling of solidarity that is missing in my daily life at school.

It is difficult to get time out of school--or time away from the responsibilities we have to our loved ones--to attend conferencing and tricky, for many of us, to gain access to the funding necessary to do so. It must be prioritized, though, even if it means setting a goal to attend just one of these events per year. These experiences pay dividends down the line that can sometimes turn out to be invaluable.  In the meantime, your local library associations can provide the missing face-time between professional development conferences.

In the spirit of solo librarianship I now leave you with a link to AASL’s “30-Second Insights” from leaders in our national professional community of school librarians who were posed the question:

What is one traditional activity school librarians should stop doing in order to increase time for strategic activities?

I think you’ll find their answers interesting and informative for your daily practice.


Laura Bishop, Membership Coordinator (2011-2013)

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